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The band was founded in 1990 with the name Neroneve , comprises more than a thousand concerts around Italy , ranks among the most popular bands of the moment. In recent years , he has participated in several important showcases of music as semifinalists in Castrocaro September 10, 1993 gathering the consensus of the public and Claudio Cecchetto . In the same year participating in the "feast of the unknown ", organized by Teddy Reno and Rita Pavone .

On 27 May 1995, performing at the indoor stadium in Turin , and at the same time , performing in various clubs in Northern Italy, they work hard to continuously improve the performance , making it eye-catching and engaging.

In the summer of 97 to leave the island for about two months to perform in the most beautiful squares in place working together with names like Matia Bazar, Grazia Di Michele , Scialpi , Gigi Sabani , Lucio Dalla.

In the May 98 to share the island for about six months , given the great success of the public received the year before, playing for the last date of the tour in Sestu (CA ) in front of an audience of about 15,000 people .

In recent years, relying more and more , with excellent musicians and new technologies have honed the show , the energy that flows from it is more contagious , and night after night , every show turns into a party where everyone can dance sing with hits of the moment and the last 40 years.

The band consists of two formations , the first up of five elements for squares and large rooms ,the second reduced to 2 elements for small clubs and private parties.
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The Europa project was founded in May 2007 with the purpose of recalling the exploits of the Swedish group of europe who with his hits topped the world rankings 80s. The europe propose a show of high quality 'and incredibly similar to musical technique, and special effects look original. In 2011 he started working with Kee Marcello, former guitarist of Europe, bringing the show to a higher level.
The work carried out for the preparation of the show and live stage throughout the organization required a significant effort for technical and musical purpose of giving the public the final two hours of rock "to Europe."

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